Our Scope of Services



CDG  leads partners and joint ventures with international leading consultancy firms to bid for
and deliver high profile architectural, civil and infrastructure works in the region.

CDG delivers a wide range of A/E consultancy services through its core staff of architects,
engineers and project/construction managers
and joint venture with international consulting firms delivers the following services:

CDG- Palestine
Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Architecture / Urban design / Planning.
Interior Design
Infrastructure design, including water, wastewater, solid waste & roads.
Project Management
Design Built at Risk

Landscape Design
Construction Management at Risk

CDG Amman
Technology Assessment, Management and Trade.
Development studies and information management.
Surveys and electronic data processing.
Statistical analysis.
Baseline studies.
Urban planning and housing studies.
Aerial photography analysis.
Industrial sector studies.
Management information system (MIS).
Computer aided design (CAD) and data base integration.
Geographic information system (GIS).

Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Landscape Design