"CDG has proven to be a competent firm with a highly qualified personal and have managed
along with the project management team to complete the project in time for the millennium
celebrations despite several difficulties including the discovery of mosaic floorings that requested
design changes to adapt and preserve the discovered Archeology"

Michael Nasser
Project Manger
Bethlehem Peace Center

"CDG has worked efficiently with the ILO management team to complete the project in the
technical framework requested and has proven to be a competent firm"

Khaled Doudine
ILO Representative
International Labour Organization (ILO)

"Professionalism and excellent team work with all the parties involved in the project resulted in
completion of satisfactory work within scheduled time"

Arnold Hjertstrom
Swedish Jerusalem Society Representative

"The Community Development Group executed the job according to preconditions, accurately
and with full cooperation with the owner of project"

Husni Hassan Khawaja
Chairman of Zakat Committee

"CDG was selected among 13 bidders for their high professional work record and competitive
prices. Our work relationship has thus far delivered excellent work. The firm's staff and
management have proved to be highly professional with good performance and great sense of
commitment. They have a high level of integrity and always deliver quality work on time. CDG is
both accountable and transparent in their reporting"

Nora Kort
Country Representative
International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)

"The CDG staff has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and knowledge.
They are organized, efficient, and professional"

Henry J. McCabe
Chief of Party